Richard Katwijk

Position: Systems and Services Director
Location: Johannesburg

A network is only as good as what you can do with it, and Richard is the go-to guy for bringing together the data pipe and the software that makes it a useful business tool. Even as a kid he was writing software – coding in BASIC on a Commodore 64 or ZX81, eventually became a wizard in advanced php scripting and MySQL databases on enterprise-class super-servers.

He also had a great enthusiasm for the early BBS world. Wanting to know how it all worked and fitted together was very alluring to him, and helping to build it the ultimate excitement.

He studied electronic engineering briefly, before being pulled back into the family business to set up its computer systems. He went back to university, earning a computer science degree, and then went into the corporate world at IS, where he carried on picking up networking qualifications.

He started on the extreme technical end as a network installations and then infrastructure engineer, before steadily shifting over to the business side in systems integration, access product development and product management.

Tempted away from IS by the lure of start-up adventure, he left the company to become the first full time employee on the Vottle project, South Africa’s home-grown free online classifieds portal. Richard loved the flexibility and agility of working with a small, focused group of people that solve problems properly, with no passing of the buck or ducking responsibility. When he saw what the founders of three6five were building, he jumped at the chance to join the team.

When not building advanced networks, Richard is up to his knees in cement, paint, sawdust and glue, renovating and improving his home, perfecting his garden and spending time with friends and family.