Alwyn Viljoen

Position: Regional Director
Location: KwaZulu-Natal

Alwyn's love of the world wide web started with him visiting as many parts as he could in person. Cured of the travel bug he settled back in South Africa deploying SAP systems for Anglo Platinum and was ultimately given the task of running the Anglo Platinum network.

Wanting to learn more about ISP networks, he joined Internet Solutions, moved into Netops and deployed international POPs, large MPLS customers and got his IP mojo working.

Alwyn chose to move away from the hustle of Joburg life to a similar but slightly quieter hustle in Durban life. With his desire to learn more about IP networks, he started the three6five KZN office and helps to keep IP packets moving for the coastal companies and the larger national three6five customers.

The benefit of living in Durban is the sun, the beach and the waves. Alwyn takes as much advantage of this as possible surfing and spending lazy days on the beach with his family.