three6five Academy


At three6five Academy, we offer practical training, provided by subject matter experts and technologists with years of experience. Get all the ammunition you need to deal with the real-world issues that your business will be facing today ... and tomorrow.

The Academy offers three6five’s client base access to quality training, specifically developed to close the education gaps within the technology industry. Clients have the opportunity to white-label training. Training can be provided on your premises, and we will soon be launching online training to make delivery even easier. three6five also offers internships to assist with your own internal training development programmes. 

The Academy offers both short and longer NQF-level courses, and is on its way to being SETA accredited. Courses currently focus on cybercrime and security, with a specific emphasis on the new South African Cybercrime bill and Protection of Information Act (POPI). Courses on Service Level Agreement (SLA) management are also available.

Available Courses

Cybercrime and security
With rising numbers of internet connections, correspondingly increasing numbers of people are using technology and computers for various purposes. There is an increased awareness of cybercrime, along with computer systems security. Our courses focus on giving a general overview of the following topics:
• Fundamentals of Cybersecurity;
• Legislation; and
• Awareness.

Data protection and POPI
A focus on data protection in the technology industry has been evolving over the past few years. The courses we offer are formulated to assist your data protection champions with an understanding of what these policies mean, from an IT and system stack perspective.

Service level management
Understand the the management of service levels in a support environment all the way up to architechting for high availability is important to orginisations. The Academy offers courses that unpack the detail around service level management and formulation, as well as high availability service level requirements.

ICT technology skills
We offer training in different technology disiplines and can assist your organisation to develop training and skills programs.

Soft skills
Applying soft skills within a technology environment poses certain challenges. We have developed soft skill training tailored for the IT and ICT industries, ensuring delegates obtain focused skills that can be applied to their technical environments.

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