pns overviewProfessional Network Services


three6five has the knowledge and skills to not only build a new network, but also support your existing infrastructure. We will work with you and your technical team to provide guidance on equipment and selection, network architecture, strategic design choices or product development.

Our recommendations are based on real-world experience and a rigorous, practical approach which leaves you with a reliable network that just works.

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Professional Services

What are Professional Services?

Our support engineers are ready to assist you telephonically on a 24/7 basis. All requests will be logged on our ticketing system to serve as a reference. An escalation process Is also in place to ensure issues are resolved as soon as possible. These requests are ad-hoc and no prior contract will be required.

With three6five Professional Services, you remain responsible for your own network, but have the option of leveraging the skills of a team of vendor-certified engineers. It’s up to you to decide where you would like three6five to assist.

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pns psOur services include:

  1. - IP Network Consultants
  2. - IP Network Audits
  3. - IP Network Security Audits
  4. - IP Penetration Testing & Vulnerabilty Assessments
  5. - PI Network Installations
  6. - Server Audits
  7. - Ad-hoc IP Professional Services
  8. - Wi-Fi Surveys
  9. - Wi-Fi Audits
  10. - Wi-Fi On Demand
  11. - Virtualisation & Hyperconvergence Services